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Beach Volleyball Coordinator

Job Description

Garneau Tennis and Beach Volleyball Club is accepting applications for the Beach Volleyball Coordinator position for the 2017 summer season. This position has regular part time hours (3pm to 7pm) Monday to Friday with the option for additional full time hours. The office opens on Saturday, May 6th, 2017. The beach volleyball courts open earlier depending on weather. The club closes on the third Saturday in October weather permitting.

This is a non-profit organization maintained by its members, and governed by the membership elected Board of Directors.


The qualified applicant will perform a variety of duties in administration and maintaining the seasonal operation of the beach volleyball courts. Organizing beach volleyball leagues, tournaments, events and reserved court times. Responsibilities include communicating with the Board, Tennis and Beach Volleyball Committees and members, and above all, have enthusiasm for making the beach volleyball courts area a safe and fun experience for all members and guests.


  • Organize and facilitate Garneau beach volleyball leagues; 
  • Organize a minimum of two weekend beach volleyball tournaments during the summer; 
  • Coordinate with other organizations and groups renting the facility; 
  • Work with the office manager to manage expenses relating to beach volleyball; 
  • Monitor court usage by daily users and regular members; and 
  • Secure facility — gates, shed, lean-to and office

Court Maintenance

  • Organize and participate in season opening and season closing clean up; 
  • Sand maintenance (i.e. raking, leveling, and watering); 
  • Organize and maintain equipment sheds and ensuring proper storage of equipment; and 
  • Regular maintenance of net systems to ensure proper functioning

Web Presence

  • Update and maintain Garneau’s volleyball website on a daily basis; 
  • Publish volleyball league schedule in a timely manner on Garneau website; 
  • Ensure consistency of website look and feel at all times; 
  • Publish photos to website and social media; 
  • Ensure that website content is relevant and up to date; and 
  • Contribute content to the Garneau Newsletter on a monthly basis 


  • Create lists for phoning and emailing; 
  • Meet members and non-members to gather feedback from leagues, drop-in, and tournaments; 
  • Ensure that all players are members, have paid the fees & signed the liability waiver; 
  • Arrange for rental agreements regarding volleyball courts & monitor conditions of such agreements. e.g. No alcohol, No loud music, and clean-up must be done; 
  • Compile league and tournament information as required; and 
  • Publish all relevant information on Garneau website (for example, league, tournament results)

Social and Special Events

  • Advertise a calendar of events — e.g. Website, calendars, email and phone; 
  • Help recruit volunteers as needed; 
  • Post pictures of events (website, bulletin board outside office); and 
  • Clean up and secure facility after event


  • Communicate regularly with Garneau Executives, Committee Members and Membership regarding social events, safety, staff, facility/maintenance, casino, web presence and membership issues 


The candidate must demonstrate the following skills:
  • Computer skills including spreadsheet, word processing programs, and e-mail 
  • Web skills including working knowledge with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Apps; 
  • First Aid/CPR is desirable 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; 
  • Friendly and open demeanor; 
  • Analytical and problem solving skills; 
  • Effective verbal and listening communications skills; 
  • Attention to detail and high level of accuracy; 
  • Very effective organizational skills; 
  • Effective written communications skills; 
  • Time management skills and flexibility; 
  • Be honest, trustworthy, and respectful; 
  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity; and 
  • Demonstrate sound work ethics 

********* Forward inquires to Kenny Dickie at beach@garneau-tennis.com **********