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2012 Davis Cup

posted Jun 21, 2012, 11:43 AM by Garneau Tennis Club   [ updated Jun 21, 2012, 12:04 PM ]
The Davis Cup is Back!
Hello members!
Garneau's annual Canada Day celebration is almost here! To sign up, please use the registration form linked to this page, and more information about the event is below. Hope to see you out there!



JULY 1, 2012

9:30am: Sign-in begins

9:45am: Introductions, Court preparation,

Rule explanation and Warm-up

10:15am: Games start

12:30pm: Break for Potluck!

1:30pm: Games continue

3:00pm: Prize presentation to winners




  • Teams will be comprised of 4 players
  • Each player will be required to bring one can of balls for use
  • Each team will play every other team
  • Captains will field 2 doubles teams for each match. The captain will designate a #1 doubles team and a #2 doubles team. The #1 team will play the #1 team from the other nation. The #2 team will play the #2 team from the other nation
  • Matches will be first to 13, win by 2 – played as a tie breaker
  • The next round of matches will start after the previous round has finished
  • All seven courts will be used and teams will rotate throughout the courts
  • Score keeping rules:
  • o    Scores will be first based on the number of tie breaker wins
  • o    If there is a tie, the total point score will then be used to determine winners


Social Information:


  • Maximum registration is 28 participants
  • The club will provide pop, water, juice and munchies. We will also have beer and coolers for sale
  • The potluck items which are required by every participant should be loosely based on your nationality
  • We have a BBQ and fridge available for any of your food items (let us know in advance if you need the BBQ)
  • Please wear international clothing (again, loosely based on your country) to help celebrate Canada Day


Online Registration: